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Reward Incremental Victories

Reward Incremental Victories

In the era of the internet, stress, and the ever-evolving work landscape, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of reward and recognition in the workplace. Many employers recognize that productivity and job satisfaction are connected, but often tend to focus on sweeping changes and grand gestures as the key to lasting success in their organization.

However, hidden gems of motivation, satisfaction, and of course productivity, can be found in the simple practice of acknowledging, and rewarding, incremental victories. That is, recognizing small successes, working towards specific goals, and providing the simple reward of recognition, can have a its advantages for those in work environments, where the usual emotional and financial matrices of success are at risk of being overshadowed.

Reward Incremental Victories

Benefits of Rewards Incremental Victories in Workplaces

The stress and volatility of the workplace pose unique challenges to employers, and the task of keeping staff motivated and productive has been further complicated with the influx of technology available to employees. In such an environment, it can be easy to overlook the be simple practice of rewarding incremental victories in the workplace.

Rewarding incremental successes can have positive impacts on morale, motivation and productivity in the long run. Here are some of the concrete benefits of doing so:

  • Recognizing small achievements: Often, the task of seeing a project through to completion can seem daunting and unachievable. Celebrating incremental victories makes those goals more achievable for team members, and gives them a sense of accomplishment for their successes along the way.
  • Encouraging competition: Rewarding incremental victories can create a sense of healthy competition amongst team members, spurring them to work harder and become more productive as a unit.
  • Boosting morale: Working towards something and then achieving it, is a powerful boost to morale and self-esteem – and those kinds of success breeds success. Recognizing and rewarding those victories can result in a considerably more motivated, productive team.
  • Increasing engagement: Rewards that go to individuals and groups encourages more engagement from all involved, and can lead to higher levels of communication and collaboration as team leaps towards the goal.
  • Giving credit where credit is due: Ensuring that team members are recognized and rewarded for their efforts, no matter how small, not only encourages them to invest greater time and effort into their work, but also makes them feel valued for their contribution to the team.

Incremental rewards can mean the difference between satisfaction and boredom

It is no secret that feeling valued, appreciated, and respected is a critical aspect of job satisfaction in any work environment. All too often, employees, especially in larger companies, fail to feel that they are making a difference to the overall business, leading to boredom and lack of motivation.

In a situation such as this, rewards that acknowledge the β€˜everyday’ successes of your team can be just the ticket to reignite their enthusiasm and engagement with the workplace. It is important to note that rewards and recognition do not have to be financial – simply acknowledgement and recognition can mean the world to an individual who feels their efforts are often overlooked.

The act of rewarding small-scale efforts and results is also a wonderful way of showing your team that you truly value them, taking the time to consider their individual efforts, and rewarding them for their creative problem-solving skills, or dedication to process.

How to effectively recognize and reward small wins

For all the advantages of recognizing, and rewarding, success in the workplace, it is important to note that the way in which rewards are done is of critical importance.

Firstly, rewards should be specific and direct, with no expectation of what the outcome should be. That is, rewards should be given with no pre-conceived expectations. This allows team members to feel a sense of genuine self-satisfaction, as they recognize and reward their own individual effort and successes.

It is also important to note that rewards and recognition should be given in a timely manner, so to ensure the success is fresh in the team’s mind, and that there is a consistent and concerted effort to reward hard work and dedication.

Finally, while it may seem a simple task, its is important to ensure that the rewards and the recognition are distributed in an equitable manner. This ensures all those involved feel appreciated, and reinforces the importance of team work.

Rewarding incremental victories: A step towards sustainable success

At the end of the day, rewards that recognize and acknowledge incremental successes can prove to be an invaluable asset to employers. The notion of motivating team members with recognition is not a new one, yet it is often forgotten in the rush of the rat race.

The truth is, rewards that recognize and celebrate individual accomplishments, no matter how small, can pay rich dividends for employers in terms of employee satisfaction, workplace culture, and overall sustainability. Certified, too, is the fact that such efforts will not only lead to improved productivity, but also to a more enthusiatic and motivated team.

The key is to keep finding new ways to recognize successes as they unfold, and as a result, to ensure that your team know they truly are valued, appreciated and respected throughout their professional journeys. Doing so could mean the difference between satisfied and motivated employees, and an environment of boredom, frustration and futility – so what are you waiting for?

Start recognizing and rewarding you team for their small victories, and reap the benefits of true success.

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