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Rejuvenate Strengths

Rejuvenate Strengths

The job market today can be a tough with the competition and hiring landscape constantly changing. Many times, we get so bogged down in the search for a new role that we forget about the aspects of our current job which can be rejuvenated to maximise our opportunities. Investing our energy and focus on rejuvenating our existing strengths can lead us to open new doors and discover new opportunities within our job and career.

Rejuvenate Strengths

Know Your Strengths

The first step to rejuvenating your strengths is understanding and acknowledging them. You should create a list of the attributes and qualities you bring to your job. Consider what sets you apart from other employees in your role, as well as from employees in other roles. What do you enjoy and excel at in your job?

Also consider skills or attributes you feel passionate about and may want to explore further. List and rate these qualities on a scale of 1-10. This will allow you to focus on the strengths you feel confident in and the strengths you need to nurture. Once you have developed an understanding of these strengths, you can start to nurture them and how to use them to enrich your job.

Understand Your Organization’s Needs

Going hand-in-hand with knowing your strengths is understanding your organization’s needs. Take the time to understand the organizationโ€™s core goals and objectives. This will help you determine where your strengths can be put to best use and which projects or tasks you can take ownership over.

Talk to your manager, colleagues and peers to understand what contributions should be of most value in the organization. Let them know about your strengths and the projects and tasks you would like to come up with. Once you have a better understanding of the organizationโ€™s needs and your own strengths, you can make sure your contributions align with these.

Nourish Your Strengths

Now itโ€™s time to work on your strengths. Look for ways to nurture, build and develop them. Choose projects or tasks that help you to expand your current expertise and that give you the opportunity to learn, grow and progress.

Help others develop their strengths by offering advice and coaching. This could be through offering your skillset to expanding the development of colleagues. Embrace the latest trends and best practices related to your role. Develop relationships with suppliers and customers, understand their needs and investigate how they are developing as an organization.

Celebrate Your Strengths

It is important to celebrate your successes and progress. Acknowledge the progress and efforts you have made. You should be aware of the goals you have accomplished and the actions you have taken. Gain recognition for the successes worked on and spread the word about the strength you have cultivated.

Share your accomplishments with your team and your organization, including the personal growth you have achieved and the learnings you can bring to the role. Share your achievements with your supervisor, your colleagues and your professional friends, so that you can acquire credit for your strengths and be acknowledged for you successes.

Talking about Your Strengths for Career Advancement

When it comes to putting your strengths forward for career advancement, you should be open and honest about them. Have a plan in mind for how you will progress and make sure you discuss your progress with your colleagues and your manager. Keeping others in the loop of your progress allows them to understand the strengths you bring to your job and will enable you to move ahead within the organization.

There are a number of tools you can use during your career advancement journey. Plan a career road map, setting ambitious yet achievable goals; create an elevator pitch that outlines your strengths; and sign-up for professional development courses to help you progress in your career.

Future-Proof Your Strengths

In order for your strengths to remain of value to the organization, you need to ensure they are future-proof. Look at the new trends and best practices that are developing in the industry. Analyse your skillset against these and identify the new trends you should be aware of and be prepared for.

Itโ€™s important to remain continuously upskilled. Keep up to date with the changing landscape and technology; being open to adjustments and if needed, attain additional qualifications that are applicable to your skillset and role.

Investing energy and focus on rejuvenating your existing strengths can help you open new doors and discover new opportunities. Understand and acknowledge your strengths, nourish your strengths and celebrate your successes. Make sure you are continuously upskilled and remain open to the changing landscape, embracing the best practices and trends in the industry. Nurture, build and develop your strengths to stay ahead of the game and make the most of your job opportunities.

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