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Live That ‘Me’ Time in your Job

Live That ‘Me’ Time

As much as we strive to work our hardest, it can often become a feeling of burnout and exhaustion. When our work duties become too expansive and demanding, they can often cause us to reach our breaking point mentally, physically, and even emotionally. Therefore, it is important to take the time to prioritize your personal needs, and a great way of doing this is to invest in what is known as “me time”.

When devoted to productivity and dedication, a highly successful career can be achieved. But this prosperity must be achieved in a healthy way that yields a well-rounded outcome. By taking the time to invest in oneself, a more productive and fulfilling approach towards achieving goals can be achieved.

Live That 'Me' Time

What Is ‘Me Time’?

“Me Time” is a popular term that describes an individual’s own personal time for themself, whether it means taking a break from work or indulging in a little bit of much needed leisure. It is the best way to break from the monotonous rhythm of our regular schedules, and recharge ourselves.

Simply put ‘me time’ is our own individual needs. This could be anything from going for a run or a leisurely stroll, to soaking in meditation and yoga, to even learning a new hobby or participating in an old passion; whatever tickles our fancy! The point of ‘me time’ is not to solely escape our job life, but to go even further, and invest in our own comforting, personal life.

Benefits Of ‘Me Time’:

There are various benefits to “me time”. We may think of it as a form of self-indulgence; however, taking the time to invest in our own personal development is more beneficial than we may think. Here are some of the many different causes and effects of “me time”:

  • Reduction of Stress and Anxiety: ‘Me time’ can be incredibly helpful in releasing stress or calming anxious states. Reacting with kindness to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing can ultimately foster positive habits within our daily lives.
  • Enhanced Creativity: An objective of ‘me time’ should be to free your mind of pre-conceived notions and restrictions. Without these mental barriers, a unique scope towards your job or projects can be achieved, as well as new, creative innovations.
  • Improved Outlook on Life: Even just a few moments of ‘me time’ can act as a much needed break from the world and can promote a more composed outlook on life.
  • Overall Development: ‘Me time’ can help to promote self-reflection and even the time to pause and acknowledge the successes and accomplishments in your job.

How To Make ‘Me Time’ A Reality:

While it is great to think of ‘me time’ as an escape and refreshment of life, it should instead be viewed as an opportunity to invest in one’s personal life. Because of this, here are some ways to make ‘me time’ a reality during your job:

  • Make Consciously Scheduling a Priority: Setting an amount of time you would like to dedicate to ‘me time’ can give you a sense of control in your life and works as a reminder to make it a priority.
  • Be Clearly Defined In Your Goals: Begin to plan out your ‘me time’ priorities. These plans can range from something as simple as a break for coffee to knuckling down with an art project. The important takeaway here is to plan these activities in an achievable way.
  • Bolster Your Endorsement: If you make the commitment to establish ‘me time’ into your life, start by telling a trusted friend or colleague who can help keep you accountable when necessary.
  • Don’t Forget the Outside World: It is easy to be comfortable to devote our ‘me time’ to simply doing hobbies, watching movies or lounging around. It is important to remember that there is a whole world of opportunity out there for ‘me time’.


In the end, ‘me time’ is a form of self-care that can bring immense benefits to our lives. It is important to remember that personal development is always important, and sometimes it is necessary to just take the time to give yourself a break and reward yourself with a deserving ‘me time’.

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