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Detach From Devices: Take a Digital Detox

Detach From Devices: Take a Digital Detox

These days, employees’ well being is becoming an ever more important concern for employers, and in some cases this has led to attempts to manage workers’ internet and device use. It’s no secret that technology has made our work lives easier and more productive, but there’s also a downside: we now spend more time than ever on our devices, and that can put our health, well being, and job satisfaction at risk. So what can employers do to help their employees take a digital detox?

The first step is for employers to set clear limits on the use of digital devices during working hours. That means limiting access to social media, emails, texts and other technologies during the day, and setting overall time limits for when employees can be online. Establishing these kinds of policies can help employees to focus on their job during working hours, and can avoid the distractions, inefficiencies and stress caused by overuse of digital devices.

Detach From Devices: Take a Digital Detox

Set a Good Example

It’s also important for employers to set a good example when it comes to device use. Employees look to their employer for guidance, so it’s important that leaders make sure they are setting a good example when it comes to device use.

Leaders should be mindful of their own device use, and strive to be a model of moderation, as well as setting limits on the times when employees can access their phones and computers. Employers should also put in place policies that forbid checking emails or using devices at the dinner table or during meetings and other formal occasions.

Education on Digital Detox

The most successful way to encourage employees to take a digital detox is to provide them with comprehensive training and education on the benefits of doing so.

Employers should provide employees with classes, discussions and tutorials on the importance of digital detox, and the impact it can have on their mental and physical health, job performance and overall well being.

Employers should also provide access to resources such as apps, books and websites that can help employees to manage their device use, and to learn how to be more mindful and aware of their own digital habits.

Encourage Time Away From Technology

Employers should also encourage their employees to take time away from technology, and to set limits on the amount of time they spend online or on their devices.

They could do this by providing activities and incentives for employees to switch off and have time away from technology, offering them extra time off and providing access to facilities such as fitness centers and swimming pools, where employees can relax and enjoy time away from technology.

It is also important for employers to support and recognize kind communication. They should ensure that their workplace culture is one that values kindness and civility, and discourage any unkind or inappropriate comments online or on devices.

Provide Healthy Options at Workplace

Finally, it’s important that employers provide healthy options for their employees at the workplace. Providing things like nutritious snacks and drinks, healthy meals, and plenty of natural light can help to promote a healthier, more balanced lifestyle at the office.

Employers should also provide access to activities like meditation and yoga, as well as other mental and physical health activities that promote mindfulness, relaxation, and well being.

Taking a digital detox is essential for employees in order to remain healthy, productive and energized. Employers should encourage their employees to take a digital detox, and should provide them with the resources, education, and support necessary for them to do so in an effective and safe way. By doing this, employers can ensure that their employees remain healthy, productive, and motivated, and are better equipped to tackle their job responsibilities.

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