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  • John Smith

    My boss is so clueless it's sometimes funny - but never when he's trying to give a presentation or lecture us on sales strategies!
    Works @ - Amazon US

  • Puja Bhatt

    This guy somehow always takes credit for any good ideas his employees have and then takes the blame for all their mistakes - what a joker!
    Works @ - Adani Group IN

  • Sam Cornwell

    My boss always has the funniest quotes and expressions, like 'It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye' - we get a kick out of it every time!
    Works @ - Equifax US

  • Chris Rock

    My boss is a real gem! He never stops talking and is always sure to spread his enthusiasm to the entire office - what a character!!
    Works @ - AMPAS US

  • Parag Agrawal

    This boss takes micromanagement to a whole new level - he's always looking over your shoulder even though you haven't done anything wrong!
    Works @ - Twitter IN